What Does Your Meditation Space Look Like?

Following my recent breakup, my ex has just recently moved out of the apartment. Along with herself, she has taken all of her belongings. Much of the apartment is still intact, however most of the bedroom décor belonged to her—leaving only a bed, a nightstand, and a cat tree.

With all this newly available space, there is a corner of the bedroom that I have decided to dedicate to meditation. Now I am searching for ideas, inspiration, and suggestions on how to personalize this small area into a meditation space.

So I ask any of you readers, if you have a meditation space, and if you care to share, what does it look like? Do you have candles? Do you use a meditation pillow or a meditation bench? Are there any pictures hanging or any decorative items to set the mood?

If you don’t have a meditation space but you have ideas on how it would look like, please also share your thoughts.

If you have pictures of your meditation space that you would be willing to post, that would be greatly appreciated.

“An act to make another happy, inspires the other to make still another happy, and so happiness is aroused and abounds. Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


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21 thoughts on “What Does Your Meditation Space Look Like?”

  1. Each to their own, I guess. But I must emphasize meditation as packaged and sold in the west with too many fluffs-schtuffs.
    For meditation, you need zero stimulants, zero distractions, and zero thoughts. On comfort, mum’s the word.
    Closest to earth, closest to nature: the only rule😉 Hope that helps simplify


  2. Thich Nhat Hanh has a short little book on the subject. I used to have a small altar set IP on the traditional Buddhist way. Offering bowls, stupa, prayer card, candles, and statue. But I removed the space with new baby. Now I just use my cushion and shawl around the house. Learning to meditate anywhere has been quite a positive step. But once I get the new house set will an area aside again.

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  3. My favorite spot is the corner of my couch. That’s where I am sitting right now, it’s where I write from, relax, watch tv, read, it’s where my energy is most grounded and comfortable. I do have Reiki Candles, I love them and burn them all the time. They come with different intentions. I have angel cards, tarot cards, wisdom cards. I will take a deck and shuffle and ask for messages, shuffle with your left hand it’s closest to your heart. I have the Bible and rosary beads, I have all my journals that I write my ideas and thoughts in. All this sits next to me on a table, but the most important thing is to have no distractions when you actually meditate, just quiet your mind and breathe. It makes me happy to be surrounded by all of this. Good luck with your meditation, do what feels right to you and makes you happy! Wishing you a peaceful day. 🙂

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  4. I don’t really meditate but finding a temporal space is more important for me than a physical space. If I have no plan or responsibility and I can read a book or drink a cup of tea, etc. without distraction then I feel very relaxed.

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  5. Hey There- I actually just went through a similar experience and found that dedicating a space really helped me stay consistent with meditation, so you’re on the right track! The most important thing for me was to get something comfortable to sit on. It’s not easy to quiet my thoughts when all I can think about is how much my butt hurts. I LOVE my floor pillow from Cost Plus World Market. Its big enough to sit cross legged on, but small enough to stash under the bed if you need. If I’m having a really hard time, I get a candle from House of Intuition that has an intention on it which helps me stay focused. Hope thats helpful! best of luck!

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  6. Great quote, by the way…

    As for meditation and space, I began in any spot or place I felt grounded. Then I used sound, music, and then outdoors. Being out doors in nature made it almost ‘simple’ – natural without effort. Now, only way to describe it is, I don’t mediate. I breathe in, then breathe out. ☺️ Hope this makes sense.

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      1. May sound odd or funny but…even in a moment of discomfort, negativity, or even emotional distraction, it is enough to restore awareness. Being seated in awareness is zazen. No doubt you will find it.

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  7. It’s so personal, see what works for you. You could consider colors of decor, lighting and a cushion. Whatever feels calming for you.

    For me less is more. Sometimes I can meditate anywhere, sometimes I find a my daughter’s teepee really useful. The only place I can’t meditate in is my bed. I’m so conditioned to falling asleep in it. Good luck with it!

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  8. We actually meditate in our living room most of the time. I actually believe meditating in all rooms changes the vibe if all rooms. But a corner is good like we have in our living room. Having said thatvi meditation in my room in the early mornings.

    Well if you focus on something you should have that , candles, your seat for medition and what ever audio equipement you might need.. a shawl..
    Anyway a few thoughts

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  9. I read recently that natural light helps meditation–do you have a window in your meditation corner? My favorite place to meditate is on the rooftop of the office building where I work! The sky above, the mountains to the north, east, and west… all my energy can stretch out! 🙂

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  10. I cannot help much…always felt like one day I would have a meditation space and in the end I’ve been meditating for quite some time and am still without a special space. Anywhere is fine as long as no one disturbs my moment. But I am curious to see what you’ll meditation space will look like

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  11. Good day,

    I wanted to respond to your post this morning regarding your new meditation space and how it should be anointed.

    My experience is that you can place anything that vibrates with your higher self in the space – pictures, candles, an altar. It should feel good to you.

    But I ask you to consider my advice on this – whatever is around you, doesn’t distract from your ability to be still…completely still. Stillness is what allows you to detach yourself from the OMC (Ordinary Mental Consciousness a.k.a the mind). Find the best place and space for you to be still. As you practice, day to day, you’ll start to build that space in a flavor that is unique to you. Imagine – by being still, you actually build something that cannot be seen, but definitely felt.

    Good luck and best wishes!

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