Meditating with the Rain

Today, for the first time, I meditated in the rain.

Okay, not literally in the rain. I meditated in the usual spot in the corner of the bedroom, on a makeshift meditation pillow, with the window open where it was raining outside. Since I had only been meditating for less than a year, it has not been raining much since I started. Today (at the time of this writing, which is actually two weeks before being posted), it is raining pretty hard.

It is a Sunday morning in the winter of 2017 (side note: I still can’t believe it’s already 2017! Time goes by so fast…). The night before, I had some friends over to play board games and hang out. As a result, I went to bed pretty late and woke up later than usual. I make a cup of coffee and heat up oatmeal for breakfast. I put on some electronic trance music, as usual, and do my morning stretches until the coffee and oatmeal are ready.

After eating, I check my Meditating Millennial notifications and e-mails, and respond accordingly. If you use the Contact Me form for more private conversations, I usually don’t reply until the weekends, since that is when I have the most dedicated time.

This morning, I am working on writing Expectations Vs. Reality, Part 2. I have the basic outline in my head, but for some reason I am having trouble typing it out. One of my cats, named Jackson, isn’t helping. He keeps walking around me, brushing against my leg begging to be pet. Of course, I can’t resist, so I pet him every time. He is a spoiled cat, but I guess that’s my fault. He provides me with happiness so I return the favor accordingly.

I eventually get up from the desk, step away from the MacBook Air and decide to meditate.

I head to the bedroom and open a window, just slightly. There is a chilly breeze coming in, but not too cold. It feels refreshing to let some air in, actually. I sit down on the pillow and close my eyes.

While meditating, the noise of the rain sounds new to me. I do not usually hear rain like this. It is calming. The rain, pouring down hard, is making consistent and heavy sounds against the pavement outside in the parking lot of my apartment complex.

I hear tiny footsteps on the plush white carpet. Jackson is approaching. I peek open my eyes a little and see him get settled on a space to the left of me.

I close my eyes again and refocus my attention.

My ears are having trouble adjusting; at first, I go back and forth between focusing on my breath and focusing on the sounds of the rain. Normally when I meditate, I focus on my breath. But this time, I have decided to focus on the sounds of the rain.

I recite a mantra, “Today, I am meditating in the rain,” over and over again. It helps in easing my mind.

Today, I am meditating in the rain.

Today, I am meditating in the rain.

Today, I am meditating in the rain.

The sounds start to blend together.

Today, I am meditating in the rain.

My mind clears.


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14 thoughts on “Meditating with the Rain”

  1. I bet that was wonderful, the gentle noise of the rain helps lull me. Maybe I should plan more “intense” or lengthy meditation sessions for rainy mornings–I bet I could get my best writing done while already stuck in doors with that!

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  2. Sounds like you had an interesting experience! The rain in my area is more like a storm so I think I’d be a little more stressed out by the sound 😅 but I’m glad things worked out for you!

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