Meditation Journey: Picking Up the Pieces Through Meditation

My last blog post was two weeks ago, in which I challenged myself to start meditating again. Since then, I have meditated twice. Which is more times than I meditated in the months prior. Additionally, I am practicing mindfulness more often. I am making progress. Little baby steps. But it’s still progress.

Here are the changes I’ve noticed since I re-started my Meditation Journey:

1) I am less stressed and less anxious. Stress has always been a part of my life, and the source can be from anything—from stressing about meeting certain expectations to being worried if people like me or not.

Most recently I’ve been stressed about money. I’ve been stressed about wanting things and lifestyles. Things I don’t really need. Things that I think will make me happy.

But once I started meditating again, I was brought back down to earth. I didn’t fantasize as often about how obtaining this thing would change my life. And when I didn’t have it, I stressed myself out; and that stress would have lasted until I had got what I wanted.

But what I want isn’t always what is needed for a happy and stress-free life. Instead of clamoring for certain things and lifestyles, I appreciated the present moment more. When I appreciate the present moment, the stress seems to disappear. Mindfulness helped me the most in this aspect.


2) I have a greater sense of purpose. I work in the healthcare industry. Part of my job is to help people. Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I only think of it as an exchange of goods, where I put in the time, and in return I get direct deposits into my checking account.

It’s easy to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around me. My interactions with others have an effect on not only myself, but with to whom I am interacting with—whether that is a patient, client or co-worker.

Remembering that has always been difficult for me, but meditation has helped me. It’s helped me remind myself that I can and do make a positive impact on others’ lives.


3) I feel more in control of my life. Life sometimes takes over without even realizing it. Patterns and habits set in. Passive routine makes thinking unnecessary. It is the opposite of mindfulness.

The less I meditated and the less I practiced mindfulness, the more that my life was passing me by. I saw myself becoming lazier. Taking the easy way out. But taking the easy way out would sometimes bite me in the butt later on.

Now, I am more aware of my thoughts and actions. I am living with purpose.

Living purposefully has become a part of my life again.



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9 thoughts on “Meditation Journey: Picking Up the Pieces Through Meditation”

  1. I definitely notice a difference from when I don’t mediate to when I do. Keeping up with it little by little everyday, I’ve found to have the most benefits for sure. I’ve not being doing it as much recently and really relate to the points you’ve made in this post. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Good one. much needed. I too would like to share my recent article on meditation as there are certain things that you write not for acknowledgement but to reach maximum people.

    Here it goes
    #AnsweringTheUnanswered #Meditation

    While I am certainly not a spiritual Guru and definitely not an enlightened being , but I have every reason to be grateful to the nature or to the divine for helping me to be continuously on this auspicious path of seeking thyself for quiet sometime now.

    The very purpose of writing this blog is to answer, based on my own experiences , based on what exactly I have actually felt and subsequently understood so far , some of the very basic questions/doubts which usually bother the beginners as I sincerely wish that whosoever flag starts his/her spiritual journey ,finds absolutely no reason to quit this path.

    Hope you too will find this write up worth reading and worth sharing so that it reaches the right seekers


  3. Pretty impressed with how you’ve identified and described these changes. I find myself nodding in agreement. It’s amazing how centering meditation is, how it returns us again and again to what matters and reminds us that we are living the way we want to live.


  4. Well thought out.

    I stress about money too, but it’s more worrying about running out of it after I buy things like groceries or gas or dinner at a restaurant instead of eating at home. My parents are, ahem, frugal, and they raised me to be the same. I also don’t make very much. That needs working on.


  5. i lose sight of the true sense, then i find it again, lose it, find it, lose it, find it… even if i*m meditating, i sometimes lose sight of it. and while i’ve lost sight of it, i learn faith that it’s there but i just can’t see it, like the new moon.
    i was inspired by what you said about the bidirectionality of interactions – it’s obvious, but i’d never seen it so clearly stated and it just clicked – thanks.
    thanks also for being so transparent!


  6. Thanks for this great reminder. I’m always surprised how quickly my mind fills up with garbage and my days spin out of control, without my daily morning meditation. Much like coffee…it has become a ritual. Meditation sets my mind on the right track. I’m not saying I don’t de-rail and get off track often, but by starting off on the right track, I have a much better chance of having a mindful, present, joyful day. Thanks again!


  7. Nice effort.
    I came up with a phrase for the challenging moments: “One breath, one step.”
    It brings my mind back to the present and focused on what is real.
    Rock on!


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