Meditation Journey: Picking Up the Pieces Through Meditation

My last blog post was two weeks ago, in which I challenged myself to start meditating again. Since then, I have meditated twice. Which is more times than I meditated in the months prior. Additionally, I am practicing mindfulness more often. I am making progress. Little baby steps. But it’s still progress.

Here are the changes I’ve noticed since I re-started my Meditation Journey:

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Meditating to Start a New Life… Again

As the number of blog posts has gone down in the last several months, so have the number of times I have meditated.

To reiterate the About Meditating Millennial section, I created this blog to hold myself accountable—to motivate myself to start meditating, and to keep meditating. However, I recently lost sight of that mission statement.

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Fear of Missing Out (FoMO): How Meditation Changed the Way I Viewed Sports

Growing up, I was a sports fanatic. I emphasize the word fanatic. As a life-long California Bay Area resident, I’ve always been a fan of the Golden State Warriors (yes, even before they won their NBA championship a couple years ago). I owned their merchandise and I would attend a few games each year. In fact, I was such a fan, that a few years ago, I even got the same exact tattoo as one of my favorite players. Yes, you heard that right. The same exact tattoo, in the same exact body part. Oh man, how I would slap myself if I could go back in time when that idea initially came into my head.

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What Does Your Meditation Space Look Like?

Following my recent breakup, my ex has just recently moved out of the apartment. Along with herself, she has taken all of her belongings. Much of the apartment is still intact, however most of the bedroom décor belonged to her—leaving only a bed, a nightstand, and a cat tree.

With all this newly available space, there is a corner of the bedroom that I have decided to dedicate to meditation. Now I am searching for ideas, inspiration, and suggestions on how to personalize this small area into a meditation space.

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How Meditation Helped Me Cope with A Breakup

There’s a reason why I haven’t updated this blog in over a month.

If you’ve read the About Meditating Millennial section of this website, you would know that I am engaged to be married. After being together for almost five years, that is no longer the case. My ex-fiancée and I are no longer engaged to be married, and we are no longer together.

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