How Meditation Helped My Insomnia

I turn over and lay my head on the other side of the pillow. I open my eyes and check the digital clock laying on my nightstand. 3:02am. Those big red numbers are taunting me. Laughing at me. They’re asking me why am I still up and why am I struggling so much. I have to get up in 4 hours and I haven’t’ been able to fall asleep yet. Why can’t I just go to sleep?! Okay, I’m going to close my eyes and lay perfectly still. Then I should be able to fall sleep right away…

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Starting Off the Day on the Right Foot

Zzz. Zzzz. Zzzz.


Laying face down on my bed, my body lays motionless as I snooze the phone alarm with my left hand. It’s 6:07am. Snoozing my phone gives me an extra 8 minutes. I close my eyes again.



This time I get myself up, grab the phone and shut off the alarm for good. One of the cats is at the foot of the bed sitting up, staring at me. I pet him on his furry blackish brown head; he happily lets out his patented purring. I stand up and head to the bathroom to wash up.

I walk back to the bedroom, get dressed and go to the kitchen as I make my way past the other cat resting on the three-story cat tree. As the coffee is brewing, I set myself up on the yoga mat to perform my daily stretching routine. It consists of several stretches, focusing on each part of my body one at a time. It takes about as long as for the coffee to be finished.

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Meditative Walking: My First Attempt

After I meditate, I get in a positive mindset. I am working on bringing that positive mindset to my daily life even when I am not sitting in a meditation session.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading on meditative walking, something I believe I can incorporate into my life. On weekdays, sometimes I am unable to wake up early enough to meditate in the morning before work, so having a meditative walking session during the day would be a good alternate. I usually take a walk during my breaks anyway, but I always have my headphones in and listen to music. Today, I decided to take out the headphones and do my first meditative walking session.

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